Cubase 9LE channel strip

Only availability in Channel Strip is Standard Compressor. Located Steinberg VST XML folder which includes a variety: Noise Gate, Limiter, DeEsser, Compressors etc. Don’t understand why they aren’t listed when I select the Channel Strip. Suggestions? Thanks.


Hi erveryone. I use Cubase 9.5 Elements, same problem. I need the DeEsser but it’s not available. Please help me.

Hi and welcome,

You can use any 3rd party plug-ins. To search for the plug-ins, you can use for example KVRaudio.

ok… thanks. But if I want use DeEsser from channel strip, it’s not possible? how to unlock?


In this case you have to upgrade Cubase to higher derivative. Cubase Artist is the lowest one with DeEsser. Cubase Pro also contains DeEsser, of course.

Lisp is a very good freeware de-esser

And TDR Nova is a fantastic dynamic EQ, which allows you to do many things, including de-essing.