Cubase 9's fixed Transport bar

I really hate this fixed transport bar at the bottom. Is there is a way to hide it? I work on a 13’’ screen end every free inch is important for me.


It’s not F2, but you can click on the arrow button next to the Zones button in the top right and uncheck Transport.

I can just press F2 and it hides, or comes back
The button you mention. Toggles it between the new docked on and the old one :wink:

f2 here also

That’s strange, for me F2 would only open up the floating panel. I may have jumped to conclusions when I tried it.

For me, F2 still Shows/Hides the floating Transport Bar. The default Key Command for Show/Hide Lower Transport Zone is Alt+CMD (or CTRL on PC)+T

F2 only hides or show the floating transport for me. The lower fixed one is always there.
But I dont think you can remove the lower grey area were the new transport are, so it will not give more free area on the screen to remove transport buttons there.

Ctrl T is tempotrack editor window in PC.

You can remove the lower transport bar. Click the small down arrow, next to the three ‘Zone’ buttons. Then you get a dropdown menu which allows you to uncheck ‘Transport’

You took me too literally :wink:… I only meant to use the Ctrl key on PC instead of the CMD key on Mac. So the full key command on PC is ALT+CTRL+T :wink:

Aha, sorry. I always take people literally. :wink: