Cubase activation after Windows crash!


I recently bought Cubase 7.5 and I installed and activated it on my Windows 8 computer.
Then, all of a sudden, Windows 8 began to go all bluescreen’y on me. After alot of trying and frustration, I decided to install a copy of Windows 7. Now everything is good, except I can’t seem to activated Cubase. I tried entering the activation-code, but it says that it has already been used. I went back onto Windows 8 (Yes, i still have it installed), and tried to de-activate Cubase from there. But since I, in all desperation, re-formatted my computer while still on Windows 8, I didn’t seem to find an option to de-activating. I even tried to re-download the e-licenser and see if i could find the license, but with no Luck.

No to the question;
What do I do?

Leon “leofrick” Frick

Presumably you have Elements or another version with no dongle??
In which case you need start a Reactivation procedure for your soft licence from MySteinberg.