Cubase activation error - Solved by Steinberg Support!

We ran into a vexing anomaly during our upgrade of a second copy of Cubase 6 for one of our crews symphony production computers. During activation we lost connection with Steinberg’s server resulting in the license of our existing Cubase version being deleted without the new Cubase 6 upgrade activation license being installed, rendering the upgrade version useless, and our old Cubase license gone. Potentially a $1,000+ loss. Brad Hoyt, Steinberg support was awesome! Patiently studied our strange story, which in itself took a few days. He ended up taking remote control of our production computer, working his magic and what looked hopeless turned into a cool success! No technology works 100% of the time, that’s life, and most of us are quick to complain, so we need to be just as quick to says, “Thanks, job well done” when things work out. So, Thanks Brad Hoyt, Steinberg Support, we think you’re the best!