Cubase activation

Hi everyone,
I just found out Steinberg has the worst support in the whole wide world so I decided to join this forum before I kill myself from rage (I’m literally losing my mind, thank you Steinberg - if I kill myself tonight it’s on you) :smiley: ;
I had formatted my computer because it was slow and now I can’t activate my Cubase 10 Pro. It says I need to enter the activation code of my eLicencer but when I do it says the code has been used before. It doesn’t recognize my eLicencer and when I open Cubase 10.5 it says I need to activate it and it’s driving me insane. Oh, and all your articles and FAQ are pure garbage and do not help at all.

Please help.

You do have to pay for the 10.5 update, maybe that’s the problem?

You can’t use the authorization code because it really has been used before.

Most likely it was used to authorize the Cubase 10 license shown in 003.png.

Is Cubase 10 not able to run? Because it should work fine. If not you do have a license problem and should post the details.

If you expect Cubase 10.5 to run using a 10.0 license, then you are going to be disapointed

It may also be the often made mistake of trying to ACTIVATE a license when a newly installed Cubase is prompting you to REGISTER.

Also, FWIW, I find the talk about killing yourself and claiming it would be Steinberg’s fault to be in very poor taste to say the least (even though I do believe you are joking and exaggerating).

Thank you all for your reply, I’ll check if that’s the issue

Nope, I was not joking, I was on the verge of losing my mind that night, maybe not kill myself but throw my pc out the window. Steinberg’s support page is absolutely ridiculous. They redirect you from one page to another and they don’t even let you submit a god damn f ticket and their page itself drives you insane when you are looking for answers or at least a support page and they keep moving you from one useless place to another…creating a login here on the forum was literally my last attempt to have some answers. Steinber’s support is a complete joke.