cubase advice please (noob)

Hi :slight_smile:

I will be buying Cubase 8 soon and plan to start making music, however at the moment I’m very much new to it all so you will probably be seeing me around asking questions :slight_smile:

I have just ordered a laptop from ebay and am waiting for it to be delivered, I have worry’s now that the laptop won’t be powerful enough to run cubase 8.

here is a link to the laptop.

Would this be ok and run cubase 8 ok? Thanks for any help.

Hope all are having a nice day.

The specs are OK for having C8 installed and do some work, however for the biggest projects it may be underpowered, but for the normal works I guess it’s ok, you could do worse.

Good luck!


I’m using Acer Aspire laptop:

2nd generation Intel i3, 8 GB RAM

and it works without a problem.

You should be absolutely fine.

That is great to hear, thanks for your reply’s :slight_smile: