Cubase AI 10.5.20

Why can Cubase not just provide two straightforward options:

A ‘lite’ version which comes with some products, OR can be bought separately for a fair price.
A full ‘professional’ version which costs more for those who need it.

I have Cubase AI 10.5 which came bundled with a Steinberg UR 22mk2. It is more that adequate for my needs; but I need to use it on two computers in my home. I understand Cubase need to protect their product, and I would be happy to buy a second version of the latest Cubase AI for a reasonable price, but this does not seem possible - except by buying another Steinberg interface just to get the software? . . but that seems silly.

Also; there seems to be an option allowing me upgrade (for free?) to Cubase AI 11, but how do I get Cubase AI 12, i.e. NOT the full version?
(Cubase should really have decided on a less-confusing naming scheme !)

The installers for LE/AI/Essential version are the same as the one for Artist/Pro is. Basically the difference is in the activation code numbers.
LE third party hardware
AI Steinberg/Yamaha one
Elements, full “low” version.
If you have the chance to upgrade to Cubase AI 11, just do it and since you’re doing it now that 12 is out since march, you should receive the latest version, C12 AI. Did you check your MySteinberg page? Did you receive and offer via email? This can answer to the “for free” question.
There was also a very much advertised offer for one month and it ended on 3/11/22…

About having AI on multiple computers, version 12 is all about that. Check infos about the new licensing system, link at the top of the page on steinberg,net.

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Thanks for quick response:
Before I try any upgrades, I need to move my Cubase AI 10.5 to another computer. I think I can do this using e-licenser?

You have to follow the steps for reactivation:

Please note that you could purchase an upgrade to Cubase Elements 12, which is another accessibly priced version. You can compare Cubase Elements with Cubase AI by clicking the buttons on this page: Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg

Cubase 12 can be activated on up to 3 computers simultaneously.


LE/AI/Elements nowadays. :wink:

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old habit sorry
I cannot seem to be able to memorise that, damn! :roll_eyes:

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How do I get cubase 12 guysi have a core I 5 del second generation but with high speed

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