Cubase AI 10.5 product registration problem

Hello, I need some advice.
Two months ago, I bought the UR-RT2 audio interface, which also included a license to Cubase AI and Basic FX Suite Rev.2. The sound card works, but I didn’t know which version of Cubase to install, so I installed 13, it took my license, but program didn’t contain any musical instruments or plugins. Today I found out that I should have registered Cubase 10.5 and when I try to do it now it won’t register. In the stainberg account in products, it shows me that I have Cubase AI 10 (UR-RT2) registered and that I can find it in my product downloads, but in Steinberg download assistant it shows me only Cubase AI 13 in my product downloads.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Did you install all the content?

How does it look like in eLicenser Control Center? How does it look like in Steinberg Activation Manager?

I first registered Cubase LE AI Elements 13 because I didn’t know which version of Cubase AI is for the UR-RT2 audio interface and this program works correctly, but later I read in my profile on the Steinberg My products page that I am the owner of the registered Cubase AI 10 (UR-RT2), but in the program Steinberg Download Assistant in the section My product downloads is located Cubase AI 13. The installation file capacity of Cubase LE AI Elements 13 is 543MB and Cubase AI 10 is over 15GB. I was worried that I was lost plugins and software musical instruments, but if Cubase AI 10 does not include them either, then everything is fine and I will work with Cubase LE AI Elements 13.


Download all the content. Everything, which is under Cubase AI 13 in the Steinberg Download Assistant belongs to the license and you can install it.