Cubase AI 10 activation issue

A bit of a long story, but I don’t know where to start…
I just bought a UR22mkII recording pack which entitled me to download a full version of Cubase AI and WaveLab LE.
I installed the software on my Windows 10 machine and entered the activation codes directly into Cubase and WaveLab when I started them up - that is, I didn’t enter the activation codes into the “eLicenser Control Center” but directly into the applications.

Both products seemed to work, but unfortunately something caused an issue with my machine where it would not shutdown properly. So, I was forced to recover my PC.

I then reinstalled Cubase and WaveLab, but now I get a message that my activation code has been used already. Is there any way that I am able to activate my Cubase and WaveLab? For example, get new activation codes or allow my current activation code to work.

Hi and welcome,

Please, how exactly did you enter the Activation Code “directly into Cubase and WaveLab”? as far as I know, there is no other way than enter it in eLCC application.

If you have registered your Soft-eLicenser in the MySteinberg account, you can go thru the Reactivation process. If not, you have to get in touch with Steinberg support.