Cubase AI 10 MIDI Record starts drum track

I am relatively new to Cubase and MIDI after 25 years away due to RSI. As such I am struggling to get going!

Having set up tom record my first midi track, when I click on record it triggers the drum track (MIDI Channel 10) on my Yamaha MX61 and I have no idea why, or how to stop it. There are no other channels or tracks set up, and no instruments loaded.

Any suggestions please?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you use MIDI Click by any chance?

I don’t know. What is Midi Click? This is my 25 year absence from music tech showing up here! I am guessing there is a setting I need to change, but i have no idea which one!


Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Metronome Setup > General and Click Sounds, please?