Cubase AI 10 MIDI Record starts drum track

I am relatively new to Cubase and MIDI after 25 years away due to RSI. As such I am struggling to get going!

Having set up tom record my first midi track, when I click on record it triggers the drum track (MIDI Channel 10) on my Yamaha MX61 and I have no idea why, or how to stop it. There are no other channels or tracks set up, and no instruments loaded.

Any suggestions please?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you use MIDI Click by any chance?

I don’t know. What is Midi Click? This is my 25 year absence from music tech showing up here! I am guessing there is a setting I need to change, but i have no idea which one!


Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Metronome Setup > General and Click Sounds, please?

Apologies for the delay in answering - I am a long-distance truck driver and work ridiculously long hours during the week! As a new member to the forum, I can only include one upload in a post, so here is the general setup screenshot. I will try the second in a moment, if the forum will let me do that!
Metronome Setup General

Many thanks for your interest!

Dave Ellis aka Sausagefingers

Here is the second screenshot, of the Click Sounds, hopefully!

Metronome setup Click Sounds


The Use MIDI Click is enabled, so this might be the think, but the the MIDI Output Port is set to Not Connected.

Could you attach another screenshot from the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port, please? Do you have any Remote Device here?

MIDI Port Setup

Thanks for your interest so far. I really do appreciate it!

I have come across another problem, which may well be the same thing. The drum track problem is when I am trying to record using sounds from my MX61. I then tried recording using a VST instrument. I noticed an unusual trace when recording, but all seemed to go well, and I recorded two tracks. But on recording the third, a riff started playing at the same time - this seems to correspond with the unusual trace, so obviously some sort of sequence is being triggered at the start or recording, although why I don’t hear it for the first two tracks, I don’t know!


I’m sorry, I’m more confused than before…

The screenshot is quite blurred, but as far as I can tell, the only MIDI Out port is GS WaveTable. How do you get MIDI data from Cubase to your Yamaha MX61 , please?

Midi Setup 2

My apologies! I did the screenshot without the MX61 connected! This should help. And i agree - the screenshot does have low resolution! IF you wish I could send the picture as an email attachment. If that would help, could you let me know your email?

The picture shows 5 Midi ports “In”, to Yamaha MX Series 1 - 5, with the 1st two active, the latter three inactive, then the Microsoft GS Wavetable, then 5 Midi ports “out”, again Yamaha MX Series 1 - 5, with the only first two active.


The Active State means, the MIDI Port is in use in the project.

Does the Drum really play from Yamaha MX61?

Yes it does. A variation has cropped up, in that sometimes the drums will start up when I click record, and sometimes it comes in when I play the first notes. Really odd. Either way the rhythm led flashes on the keyboard, and I can press "the “Stop” button to silence it. It is also adding odd notes to the rhythm track.

This evening I tried recording from a different Performance on the MX61, using a keyboard split. But voice 1 played over the whole keyboard, instead of the specified lower half, and I couldn’t rectify this by re-programming the keyboard. In desperation I closed Cubase down, and the problem went away.

I therefore suspect that there is a problem with Cubase, maybe to do with the installation itself. Is there a way of resetting Cubase to the original factory settings, or will I have to remove the programme from the hard drive and then re-install it? And if I do this, what will happen to the install key, along with the various VST synths I have added to the laptop since installing Cubase? And finally, if this re-installation is a viable option, is it worth upgrading to Cubase 11 at the same time? OR even switching to a different DAW altogether?