CUBASE AI 10 synth problem


I’m new to this and I may have a pretty bad writing, sorry.

So, my synth is connected via stereo input to my UR-RT2 and the UR-RT2 is connected via outup to speakers. The speakers works, I can play any music.
Then I have created an audio track for the audio of the synth, connected as I told you before (input 1/2 - output). But when I play on my keyboard it doesn’t make any sounds. It only make sounds when I record it and play it afterwards, so when I play on the synth I don’t hear anything : useless.

How can I play on my synth, hear it on my speakers and record it in a track on cubase ?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

To be able to monitor the track while recording (or stop) enable the Monitor button (a speaker) on the Audio track. Make sure, the button is disabled while play the track back.

Alriiight it was that simple. I was trying to find a solution for hours. Thanks !!!

RTMing helps…