Cubase AI 10 with Motif XS6 as midi keyboard

Hello I am so glad to be able to join the forum! I just bought a UR22 mkII and came with cubase ai. Successfully updated to ai 10 using the steingberg download manager. I have owned the motif xs6 for 10 years now and it originally was packaged with cubase ai 4 and was able to use it as a midi controller but I cant remember how i set it up on the motif. I know to transfer midi and audio at the same time to cubase I needed the mlan card but never did. It was upsetting to find out then next year or two motif xf came out with this already installed… Long story short, I just want to use my motif xs6 as a midi controller using cubase ai 10. Do I need to update something with my motif to work with ai10? I am now using windows 7 with 3.5ghz with 16 gb ram which is a totally better and newer desktop than i had ten years ago. Hope I provided enough info. Thanks again.