Cubase AI 11 doesn't recognize license after switching computers

I’m having literally the identical issue with Cubase AI (included with the UR22C recording pack). I’ve changed computers, requested a new download code, entered the code and installed Cubase AI 11 and it won’t recognise my license, despite it appearing in my Steinberg account. What am I missing? Did you solve this?

Steinberg’s licensing software is amazingly clunky, if I knew how bad it was I would never have bought this, and the online help is useless.

I’ve split this into a new topic because this doesn’t sound like an installation issue at all.

Please run the eLicenser Control Center and make sure that your license is actually present on this computer. Your post doesn’t make it clear whether you’ve been able to activate and use Cubase AI in the past. If you did, please follow these steps to reactivate your license:

Can you take a screenshot of the license shown in your MySteinberg account, with any serial numbers hidden?

Thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, I was able to use Cubase AI in the past on my old laptop.

I tried to reactivate my license via my steinberg account but it told me it had already been used, so I requested a new one via the “Error-message-Activation-Code-for-Basic-FX-Suite-license-has-been-used-already” link (couldn’t include it in my post directly)

Afterwards my e-licenser seemed happier but it still won’t let me used Cubase; I double checked that I’m trying to use the correct one based on the paper cards I got with my UR22C pack and I believe I’m trying to use the right one. Wavelab LE now works but not Cubase. I’ve requested another new download code and will try that in the download manager as opposed to my Steinberg account.

If you’ve got any advice I’d love to hear it. Also let me know if my screen snip doesn’t work.

Do you see your Cubase license anywhere in this account? Are you sure that you didn’t have a Cubase 12 license instead? It uses a new licensing system called Steinberg Licensing. You can check if you have a Cubase 12 license here.

If you don’t see your Cubase license in either of these pages, you might have signed-in to the wrong MySteinberg account. In any case, I would recommend getting in touch with your local Yamaha/Steinberg distributor. Please look for your country on this list: