Cubase AI 11 to Cubase AI 12 update

Hi! Nice to meet all of you. I would like to ask question how to update Cubase AI 11 to Cubase AI 12.
I have got registered Cubase AI 11 (bought it with steinberg ur22 mkii) - it works well.
But for Cubase AI 12 I need new activation code.
In download assistant list in “my products” I can see only Cubase AI 11.

How and when can I receive activation code for Cubase AI 12?


Please ask @Matthias_Quellmann .

Details are at

Thank you. I have seen this article.
Should I wait for an email with a new Download Access Code for a while?

I would search your junk mail folder just to see if there is an e-mail from Steinberg there. If not, I think your only options are to open a support ticket or wait to see if Matthias (who Martin tagged) responds to you.

Steinberg will hopefully open the landing page mentioned in the support article soon, making self-service upgrades possible.

Please, give me a peace of advice how can I reach Matthias - direct message option to Matthias is disabled for me.


He has been informed to this thread thanks to my post already. No more action is needed from your side. Just wait for his reply.

Are there any information on my request?