Cubase AI 11

Hi, I bought UR12 a few years ago and got an activation code for Cubase AI 8. Now I have lost it and can’t seem to find it anywhere. But in my Steiberg Download Assistent there is under My products tab a Cubase AI 11. But when I install it, it wants activation code. Is there a way to recover it or get a new one?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Did you activate your Cubase AI 8 back then? If yes, go thru the Reactivation process, please.

I though I did, but when trying to start Reactivating process I get: There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate.


Please, get in contact with official Steinberg support and provide your MySteinberg email address. Maybe, they will find your old Soft-eLicenser there.