Cubase ai 12 audio dropping out

I recently updated cubase ai 12 and both before and after this update my audio frequently drops whilst recording and on playback. It’s very frustrating!! I have removed all 3rd party plug ins but it still keeps dropping out. There is enough ram and even if I change the sample rates etc it still drops out.
Any help would be most welcome.

Minimum information for anyone to help is PC or Mac? What audio interface are you using? What buffer size are you using? What did you upgrade from?


Its a lenovo laptop running windows 11. I updated to version 12.0.50 and using ur22 interface. I have tried all buffer sizes from lowest to highest but the audio still drops out.

Have you got the steinberg power scheme enabled? Have you done any other windows tweaks? Have you run latencyMon to see if there is a bottle neck anywhere.