Cubase AI 12 Yamaha THR30ii Wireless input issues


I just bought a Yamaha THR30ii Wireless amplifier and it came bundled with Cubase AI 12. I’m running a mid 2014 MacBook Pro with MacOS Big Sur 11.7.8. 16GB RAM. 2.5GHz i7.

The problem is that I’m unable to use the Yamaha amp as a USB audio interface with Cubase because I do not get any input volume when recording a track. I’m setting it up correctly but as I say, there’s no input when I press record, just a flat line and there is no audio activity visible in the transport bar.

In MacOS Audio MIDI Setup, I can see the THR30II WIRELESS listed, and I’ve selected ‘Use this device for audio input’ and ‘Use this device for audio output’.

I can select the THR30II WIRELESS as the input source in Cubase:

If I go to Studio > Studio Setup > Audio system, I can select the THR30II WIRELESS as the ASIO driver…

Studio > Audio Connections shows for the Inputs tab a Bus Name ‘Stereo In’ for the THR30II WIRELESS audio device and for the outputs tab shows a Bus Name ‘Stereo Out’ for the THR30II WIRELESS audio device.

When I select Project > Add track > Audio, for Audio Inputs I select ‘Stereo In’, for Configuration I select ‘Stereo’ and for Audio Outputs I select ‘Stereo Out’.

I’ve been through this all with Yamaha and they cannot see a problem and referred me to Strindberg support who just pointed me to a quick guide that I had already tried and failed with.

What am I doing wrong?

A couple of things that may or may not be relevant to the problem:

*1) In MacOS Audio MIDI Setup, I can see the THR30II WIRELESS listed. I can adjust the output volume in the output tab, but in the input tab the slider is greyed out and set to minimum. This may just be because the input volume is fixed and not adjustable, I don’t know.

  1. In Cubase 12, in the main window, above where the tracks are displayed, there is a box labelled ‘Input/Output Channels’. I can only see ‘Stereo Out’ there. There is no ‘Stereo In’. There’s an output channel there but no input channel. I’ve no idea why.

Any help would be much appreciated. I only want to record some simple guitar tracks and the Yamaha is supposed to be plug and play with the included Cubase program, but I’m having a great deal of difficulty with it.

According to Yamaha and Steinberg documentation there is no need to install a driver on mac, you just select the amp as the audio device and it should just work.

I can drag a sample into the main window and press play and hear the output coming out of the amp, there’s just no input.

I’ve downloaded the desktop app for the amp and cranked the usb output volume but I get nothing.

What is your project showing?Did you set the inputs as a source for recording?
Is the microphone access on macOS allowed for Cubase? MacOS treats every input as microphone.

I checked the microphone and unfortunately there are no apps listed asking for permission to access it. I think I was asked to grant permission for Cubase to access the microphone once during installation.

Yes, when adding an audio track, I select the ‘stereo in’ bus. Studio > Audio Connections shows for the Inputs tab a Bus Name ‘Stereo In’ for the THR30II WIRELESS audio device.

When I press record I get a pair of flat lines - a stereo recording with no input.

If I go to MacOS > System preferences > sound, I can strum the guitar and see a good strong signal showing on the input level bars but nothing shows up in cubase.

Add Cubase as app with microphone access?

There is no way to do that. When I click on the microphone in security and privacy Cubase is not listed there so I can not click on it and grant access to the microphone.

You could have just said you don’t know!

I have been emailing Yamaha, steinberg, social media and now these forums for weeks and spent countless hours trying to find out how to set up my new amp on a new price of software as a new user. I will carry on trying. Thank you for telling me about the microphone access - nobody else mentioned it. I found a command line entry to reset the microphone so having now done that I will try uninstalling the software and reinstalling it (again) but at some point I am going to have to admit defeat.

Took me two minutes on Google.
Uninstalling and reinstalling will not solve the problem.

I was experiencing a similar problem with my THRii (non wireless)
I’d forgot to turn up the audio knob on top of THRii amps output section.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that want the problem.

I’ve just completed a fresh install of Big Sir after erasing the disk and a fresh install of the Steinberg download manager and Cubase AI 12.

The software just doesn’t work with the hardware, which is unacceptable when the software comes bundled with the hardware.

I’ve now officially given up.