Cubase AI 4, does not register DAW input as active

Hey there, first post on this board and looking for some help.

Computer: Windows 7 Home Premium, AMD Athlon II X2, 4gb RAM
DAW: Yamaha Audiogram 6 USB Audio Interface
Software: Cubase AI 4
VST Plugin: EZ Drummer

Here is the issue:

I set the Windows control panel to use the audio input/output as the USB mic/speakers. I hear sound through my headphones connected to the DAW, and I can hear sound coming from the microphone that is plugged into the DAW. So far so good.

I’ve programmed a drum track using EZ Drummer within Cubase, and saved it under a project name. Usually when I work on drum tracks I listen to sound through my desktop speakers, so I do not run the sound through my DAW, which makes Cubase give me warning messages about being “unable to record” because there is no active input (I have the DAW disabled in the Windows control panel). Now that I want to start tracking guitars through the DAW, I cannot get Cubase to recognize the USB input as being active, despite setting it as the default in Windows control panel and being able to hear sound through the DAW output and hearing it come through the mic plugged into the DAW. I can hear the sound of the guitar throught the headphones, but within the Cubase device control panel it says the input is inactive and I am unable to record guitars through the DAW.

Here’s the catch: This only happens when I open this project file. If I open a totally new project file it lists the input as active and I can see sound levels and record whatever I want. But when I open the project file that has my EZ Drummer drum track Cubase refuses to show the input as being active, even though I can hear sound coming through.

What on earth is going on, and how do I fix it? This is terribly frustrating, since I have this fresh drum track ready to roll and I am totally unable to lay down guitars, bass, and vocals! Help!

Figured it out after much trial and error.

I didn’t realize I needed to go into VST Connections and manually set the inputs to active. All is well in the world of recording again.