Cubase AI 5 to 6

I just recently purchased the CI2 and it came with AI 5. The current version out is AI 6 so I’m under the impression this would be a free update for me, but am I wrong and where is the link to download AI 6. I found the update which is if you already have 6, but I need to update my 5 to the newest version. Thank You

I’m pretty sure you’re stuck with the version that came with your hardware. You can upgrade to a higher non-OEM version (Cubase 6 / Cubase Artist 6) for a discounted price, though.

Or are you just talking about the most current update for AI 5?

Well I got the current update for 5, but normally when you purchase an interface, by the time you get it, a new version of the sequencer has came out, and it’s usually downloadable as a free update. I know about the discounted prices, but at this time am only interested in the newest version of AI, being AI 6. Thanks

In this case I’m afraid you’ll have to live with using AI5. There’s no free upgrade path for any version of Cubase, from AI to full.

Like I’ve said several times I don’t want the full version, I’m only interested in AI 6 and I’ll say it again. I just purchased the CI2 and since it came with AI5, AI6 should be a free upgrade since I just purchased the unit. Every interface I have ever dealt with always does this for their customers. They will release an interface with a certain software, but by the time you buy it another version of that software is out and it’s always a free upgrade and in this case it would be AI5 to AI6. SO again my question is where can I download AI6. Thanks

Yes, sorry, I see you can read my sentence both ways. When I said from AI to full, I meant to say that this applies for the full product range. IE: from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6 or from AI5 to AI6, neither is available for free. You can’t download AI6.

Ok…I understand what you meant now…Here’s a good example…If I was to go buy an mbox right now it comes with protools 9 but because I bought it after pt10 was released I get a free upgrade to ten, see. The same should apply in my situation with ai5 to ai6 and I also remember reading that I can do that. Guess I’ll just have to wait for support to call to find out. I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to do that, unless AI6 is for a specific interface.

Worth a shot, but you’ll have to contact support directly because it’s currently not possible.

See what I was saying though, it makes sense that I should be able to. Thanks though for the input.

Yes, makes sense, have you actually tried to get in touch with whoever you bought your CI2 off and ask them?

I got a CI2 in 2012 with Cubase AI 5. I just changed my computer for a Windows 10. What I understand from your conversations is that there is no free version of Cubase available for my CI2 anymore?

Good idea to ask to Archambault Music store where it bought the CI2. I’ll do it! Thanks!

AI 5 might still work with Windows 10, although it’s not officially supported.

The upgrade to Elements is fairly reasonable, in my opinion :slight_smile: .