Cubase Ai 5 vst help!!! PLEAASE!

hey guys and gals,

ive recently downloaded a free radio fx vst. when i go to use it in cubase and set the channel up i get the following message

**the mixer configuration expected “radiofx” to have Output 1: stereo,

  • the instrument currently has output 1: mono
  • the instrument will be silent

Any ideas how i can get it to work so i can hear it?

additional info if it matters, using cubase AI5 with a Yamaha Audiogram 6.

any help would be greatly appreciated =D


Never seen this error message myself, but apparently it looks like you’re trying to insert a stereo-only FX on a mono track. If I ever had this problem I would just create a (stereo) group track where to send my mono track and insert the FX there.

sorry im abit of a newbie at cubase i dont really know how to do alot of things just some of the basics. this is the vst im on about

you select it as a vst instrument then it gave me that message i posted earlier if that makes things any clearer.

Instrument tracks can only be stereo, so a mono output vsti cannot be loaded onto one, you must use the instrument rack.

AHAAA!! awesome not only have you shown me something totally new to me in cubase i now have it working, thanks so much, really appreciated your help guys!! =D