I have a new macbook pro from late 2013 with an I7 intel based processor and Mavericks.
I installed the Cubase that came with my Yamaha 01V96 which is CuBase AI6 updated to Version 6.0.7 with the update from the Steinberg website.

When I open the program my trackpad / external mouse do not affect CuBase in any way.
I cannot use my mouse to click on any part of the program.
I can get some things to work if I use keyboard commands.

I read that CuBase has problems with Mavericks so I followed the instructions on the steinberg website and installed CoreAudio2 ASIO path and adjusted the Mission control preferences.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

I have the exact same issue.
Tried downloading the Cubase 7 trial and it works fine.

Please fix for Cubase 6 LE under Mavericks (OSX 10.9) or else, provide a working version’s license.


I’m having the same Issue. I installed Cubase LE6 on Mac OS 10.9 including all the updates, but it’s not usable because of UI issues. It’s simply not possible to use any of the controls due to wrong UI mapping. You click on one control and something completely different opens up if you’re lucky. Some keyboard shortcuts may work, but that’s about it.

Any updates on potential patches for this version ?

I’m having the same issue as well, will steinberg please do something? I’m totally stucked no being able to use cubase…and I dont want to switch to logic

The current LE version is 7, v6 is no longer being updated with the last patch being issued in July 2012, you can upgrade to Cubase 7 Essentials from AI 6 for under 40 euros and to from LE 6 for under 50 Euros, which in addition to being currently supported is much more powerful than LE/AI. Logic is considerably more expensive than that.

In addition to that the people who bought logic express 9 will not get an upgrade that works with OSX 10.9 and no upgrade pricing to either the full version of 9 or any subsequent version, they will have to start from scratch. So all in all I think it is wiser to continue on the Cubase upgrade path than jump onto Logic given recent history.

After struggling for a little bit with my outdated version 6 of Cubase I checked the demo version of Cubase 7 out of curiosity. I seems to be working fine on Maverics ( I have new MacBookPro with Retina display).

All of the problems with UI are related more to the Retina display, than to the operating system. It’s just that UI behavior is completely different and all of the clicks and other events are processed differently.

If you have Mac computer with normal display (not high resolution Retina) then you shouldn’t expect any problems with UI and mouse. If you have Retina display, then some of the UI elements and menus in Cubase 7 will look kind of crappy, but still usable.

Since Pro Tools 11 isn’t officially supporting MacOS 10.9 yet and users also complain that even the new version of Logic crashes all the time, I would probably try to update to limited version of Cubase 7 for now.

I work in IT and this whole situation with software not functioning properly on recently released versions of different operating systems makes me sick. This is a general complaint, not directed to Steinberg specifically. I’m just very surprised that companies that have been on the market for decades already would not plan at least 1 year ahead and develop and test everything on new operating systems and new hardware instead of releasing wacky “do not yet update your Mac/PC” statements. I bought a new computer with fresh OS installed and I was hoping to buy some software that was compatible, but it looks like I would have to wait for another half a year or more until everyone would catch up.

and by the way

Thanks to Reiknir for some useful info!

This is a mac annoyance primarily, they keep changing API’s or their functions, sometimes with no easily apparent rationale, on my Windows 8.1 64bit installation I have Cubase versions going as far as 1LE and 3.51VST for testing purposes, these packs are 10 to 15 years old BTW.

MS have their issues, but as far as API’s are concerned they learnt the correct lesson from IBM, add API’s and even complete new sets of API’s, but do not replace or alter the old ones.

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