Cubase ai 6

Hi Everybody!
Help Help Help Help Help please please please!!! :cry:

I bought an Mox6 which comes with Cubase ai 6 one month ago, and I am still having a lot of issues with Cubase playback. It allows me to record, however, no sound on playback. I am not a professional and is very new to recording. It would be my new year gifts if someone could help me figure this out. I have tried everything I could. Now I am exhausted and frustrated. Please help.

Just take 30 minutes to watch this and chances are everything will be solved.
You can even watch more vids by the same guy if you still have questions.

Dis-able the monitor button for playback. Find the Auto Monitor mode in Prefs and set it to Tapemachine so it does it automatically.

Thanks for replying guys.

I disable the monitor button for playback, but still no playback. I watch the videos it does not really cover my issues with playback Cubase ai6. I think I may not understand how to set the VST connection up. Any more help will be appreciated. Thanks again.

Test. Add an audio track and import an audiofile. Press Play and check if there is sound. If so, your connections are allright. If not, check some of the other vids or press F4 and connect Cubase’s output bus to your soundcard.