Cubase AI 7 license problem

I own Steinberg mr816X interface and a couple of days ago I saw I have Cubase AI 7 available for download in my MySteinberg. I installed it and now I am trying to register. Meanwhile the download link disappeared from my account.
As of this writing, I have a demo license in my SeL, but it wont transfer to MySteinberg no matter what I try - there are a couple of guides on this, but nothing helped.
I will be glad to have this AI 7, because the version of I have is 4, and it does not support the mr816x advanced integration anymore.
Thank you

Why do you want to transfer a demo license to mySteinberg? A demo license dissapears after 4 weeks and I guess it didn’t have to be registered at mySteinberg.

No, I want to actually activate it and use it as a full version - I don’t see a reason why I should have a demo version in my account.

Have you installed the elicense control manager? Then use your activation code in the elc manager and download your license.

Thank you for the answer.
With my previous version of AI the procedure was - after installing the software, it registers a SeL, than eLicense CC should transfer it to MySteinberg where the code is generated. This seems to be the case now, too - I have a message in the Cubase start up, which says “Show activation code” - it opens eLCC with instructions to register the SeL to MySteinberg, but the transferred license is empty. So no activation code is generated at all.
May be I don’t fully understand the situation, I don’t know - however, thank you again!

Okay, the function to get the activation by download seems to new. If it didn’t work for you, try the old way, register your product in mySteinberg and request a license.