Cubase AI 7 - total inputs / outputs


My bad. I thought Steinberg employees answered questions here, but I realized this morning that I should put in a support request in My Account, which I’ve now done.


While I run the full Cubase 7 in the studio, I’m using the AI version that ships with the CMC controls for live performance, primarily because I don’t want the risk of dragging the dongle around. For playback, the AI version works just fine.

In the Cubase comparison chart pdf, it states that for version 7 (I’m not running 7.5 yet) there are a total of 32 physical inputs and outputs. In my testing last night, I was getting a total of 48. 22 mono and 1 stereo outputs, 24 mono inputs.

I’m very happy about this as it’s exactly what I need for this scenario. That said, I’m a little worried that what I’m seeing doesn’t match the comparison chart, even though it’s in my favor. My concern is that I’m somehow “getting lucky” and there’s a chance that it snaps back to the 16 in / 16 out scenario when I’m standing on stage at a gig.

Can anyone from Steinberg offer clarification, hopefully that the comparison chart is wrong and 24 / 24 is in fact what’s supported by Cubase AI 7.0?

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OOh bugger , Steinberg giving away free extra channels …Shhuusshhh otherwise they will disappear like the Cubase "edit mode " :wink:

Is there anyone who works for Steinberg who can give me definitive information on this?