Cubase AI 8 Elements to Cubase 10 Elements

I am sorry if this question was answered before, but I cannot find a solution to this issue.
Few years ago I’ve bought an UR-22 with Cubase AI 8 Elemets with it. I would like to purchase the Cubase 10 Elements and I would like to ask two questions:

  1. The shop allows to upgrade from Cubase AI to Elements 10 for 49E or to buy a new one for 99E. Even I cannot activate my AI now, is it okay to purchase the upgrade or do I need to buy a completely new one? And if the upgrade is enough, do I need to search the old activation code or I will be provided a new one?
  2. If I buy Cubase 10 Elements, is the license for a year or does it stay available for me forever?

Thank you for answers and sorry if this question is a duplicate.

If you registered the UR-22 then contact Steinberg and ask for the activation code for the Elements. I did this when I realized my tf rack came with Cubase LE. As long as you registered the UR-22 they can look it up and verify, then they email the activation code.
The license doesn’t expire

Okay, great, thank you very much for your answer.


  1. You should find your Download Access Code to be able to activate and register your Cubase AI to your mySteinberg account. Then you can use the Upgrade. Withtou Cubase AI activation, you cannot use the upgrade. It might be, Steinberg would provide you a new code, if you will not find it, but I can’t promise.

  2. The license is forever.