Cubase AI-8 for OS X El Kapitan: install problem


I’m nieuw here.

with my UR22mkII came a free Cubase to download, But… :frowning:

I downloaded for the 2nd time the file :


But it is not installeble, even if i remove the [.part]

Anny solutians ?
Thanks, Coen


When you can see the .part, it means, the file is nit downloaded completely. You have to wait until the file is downloaded, or, if has stopped, you have to download it again (or continue to download this file, if possible).

hi Martin,

Its not a solution to my qwestion.

Befor i have to redownload it over and over, can you send me the file by google drive? than it takes me 20 minutes to download in sted of 4Houres+ and no errors. Or fix the problem please. Ore it means that Steinberg is not suporting customers and proper working downloads?


And for the third time 4 houre download an instal failure…


Try this link.

Hi Martin,

i forgot to tel you i instaled it well.
i used the original link. finaly it worked.
Thank you :slight_smile:



It’s a wile ago sins i did, but i managed to instal it, but after instaling Native Komplete Ultimate, it won’t open.
During launching it says: Cubase LE AI Elements stoped unexpectedly.

Do i heve to re instal or is there a better option?

my version of Cubase is Cubase LE AI Elements, but on the website i onley see Cubase LE, Cubase AI, ore Cubase Elements ?

Regards, Coen

i deside to reinstal it, but agen the same problem:
Cubase_AI_8_Installer_mac.dmg.part is not instaleble ???