Cubase AI 8 installation - Full and Demo license

Hello everyone.
Perhaps someone could explain to me my situation with Cubase and eLicenser.

In 2015 I bought Steinberg UR242, installed and successfuly activated Cubase AI 8 that came with it. In the eLicenser Control Center there were two Full licenses available: first one for Basic FX Suite and second one for Cubase AI 8.
After some time I switched to a different DAW and uninstalled Cubase AI 8. However those two Full licenses mentioned above stayed there in the eLCC.
Last week I installed the same version of Cubase AI 8 again. After that, when I checked the eLicenser, there was total of four licenses available. Two of them were the same Full ones for Basic FX Suite and Cubase AI 8. But below them there was a new MP3 Encoder Demo license which had “Expiration Date” and “Remaining Starts” counter AND another Cubase AI 8 Demo License, also with “Expiration Date” and “Remaining Starts” counter.

The facts:
I have the latest available version of Cubase AI 8 8.0.40 installed.
I have the latest available version of eLicenser Control Center installed.
I have performed Maintenance task in eLCC a few times. Each time was successful.
Situation described above was exactly the same when I installed Cubase AI 8 version 8.0.10 and after performing the update to version 8.0.40.
In over 1.5 year I haven’t reinstalled my operating system. Everything is running smooth, so there is no need to.

What is unclear to me is:

  1. Why do I have two licenses for Cubase AI 8 - Full and Demo ?
  2. After launching Cubase AI 8 at least 40 times, the counter for “Remaining Starts” of the program Demo license hasn’t changed. It started at “300” and still says “300” remaining. Also I would like to know if those Demo licenses are going to expire eventually ?
  3. Why is there MP3 Encoder demo license ? I’m sure it wasn’t there when I first installed Cubase AI 8 back in 2015.

Thank you in advance for any information.