Cubase AI 8 installer zipfile damaged


I’ve gone trough the hole procedure of register my daughters UR 22mkII and entered the dowloadcode for Cubase AI which was included in the package. After downloading I get this message while unzipping the file:

D:\Download\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

Have can I fix this?


Hi and welcome,

Check the size of the file, and compare it with the expected one.

And download the installer again, please.

Size information on = 2.6GB
Size in Windows Explorer = 2.7GB
Size when right click - properties = 2.58 GB

I have no idea what this means but I’ve never had any problems unzipping anything before.
It has to be something wrong with the file on Steinbergs site?

I have downloaded the insteller 5-6 times and it’s the same.


There are many Downloads every day. I wouldn’t expect an issue on the the server. Or if, then the forum would be full of messages.

i am having this same issue, i recently purchased UR22mk2 and have downloaded the cubase ai numerous times, all wich ended up in a warning the image data was corupted… help please