cubase AI 8 MIDI device manager

HI there…just bought an Alesis V49 midi controller which is not listed in the Midi Device manager List to hook upto…in Cubase AI 8.
So how in the world do I hook this thing up then if it appears it has no support?..NEED HELP please

Hi and welcome,

Alesis V49 is not the MIDI Device, in this sense. This is ment for HW tone generátory. If you want to use Alesis V49 sliders and knobs to Control Cubase, use Generic Remote Device, please.

thank you Martin…so many terms to learn,it can be a bit confusing.

How do you find the Alesis V49 integration and ease of use with Cubase AI8? I am looking for a midi keyboard but not sure which model to choose that would integrate the nicest…

So far it has been pretty smooth…and I am on Windows 10 which for a new O/S can be a pain in the butt far no real problems.Of course you are limited to just 4 tracks with this but I also plan on getting the update which will open up the full program.