Cubase AI 8 upgrade and activation

I have just recently purchased an upgrade to AI 8 from AI 4 when trying to activate the upgrade through the procedure using the elicensing control centre using the activation code I get a message that there is no upgrade license available. On my account I only have my original AI 4 registered. How is my upgrade registered on my account, I thought this happens when putting in the activation code and yet has not come on my account even though I purchased upgrade. I have also tried to register all elicences at my steignberg, but cubase AI 8 only looks like a demo so I guess this will not register as purchased. I have tried the Maintainance reset. I have uninstalled all the software and then reinstalled as suggested reinstalling elicence control centre and running as admin the reinstalling cubase from the download on my account. There does not seem to be a way of getting another activation code as the one I have says there is no licence available. The only thing I can think of is my activation code has been linked somehow to my original AI 4. Can you please help so I can get my cubase AI 8 registered and activated. By the way I have now spent about 14 hours trying to persevere with trying to get this software activated so would appreciate a prompt response.

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How did you upgrade to Cubase AI, please? As far as I know, there is no upgrade to AI or LE versions. There are upgrades to Elements, Artist or Pro versions only.

It was upgraded from AI4!


I have an almost identical problem. I had Cubase AI 5 on an old mac which was activated but the machine got stolen. The license shows up on as activated. When I logged in there was an offer to upgrade to cubase AI 8 for 9.99 euro which I ordered and got an activation code. I downloaded the version 8 software and installed it but when I try and license it, it looks like its looking for the cubase 5 license to authorise the upgrade and not finding it on either the local machine (which I can’t install version 5 on because the operating system is too new) or on the web which is odd because there is a cubase AI 5 license in mysteinberg account ???


Okay well managed to get it working !! I followed the instructions on getting the latest version of the e-licenser here :- - I’m not sure this is essential though…

At this point I had Cubase AI 8 in the e-licenser saying “you need a version 5 license to upgrade from” whenever I tried to put in its activation code.

Then I went into mysteinberg and REACTIVATED my version 5 licence (even though the software was not installed on the machine). When it asked for me for the SEL, I put in the one from the installation of cubase EIGHT copied from the e-licenser!!! This worked and I then had an active cubase 5 license in the e-licenser. I then highlighted the cubase EIGHT license and clicked on “enter activation code” and put in the code I got from the shop, when it asked for a cubase 5 to upgrade I pointed it at the license I had just reactivated and boom, it all worked.

Hope that helps all the poor souls out there struggling with what seems to be an insanely convoluted licensing process !!!

I installed a new hard drive the other day, so had to reinstall my 6AI. Having gone through the traumatic experience of finding out I had to uninstall it again the elicence thing before getting it reactivated, I discovered that certain features of my version 6 were no longer there.
Then I noticed the upgrade for a reduced price, so I went for it. Been tearing my hair out tryin gto set it up again, but no joy. Fucking waste of fucking time :smiling_imp:

even registering for the forum took two eeks as the activation link didn’t work. Think i’ve had enough, but want my 7 quid back for the upgrade!

I noticed that Martin fella replied to several questions, so why not respond to this?

The upgrade to AI 8 is not as “simple” as Steinberg say it is; explain clearly how to go about it PLEASE!


Good motivation to me! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have no enough experience with this kind of upgrade. As I wrote I even didn’t know, there is this kind of upgrade.

First of all, I would check, if the Cubase AI4 and also the current Soft-eLicenser are already registered in you MySteinberg account. Then make sure, the AI4 is activated on the computer, where you want to upgrade.

Then I would expect a succesfull upgrade.