Cubase AI 8 & WaveLab Cast OEM

I’ve got these software when I bought Yamaha AG06.

  1. WaveLab Cast OEM
  2. Cubase AI 8
    Where to download WaveLab Cast OEM because I can not find it…
    I did download the Cubase AI 8.

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In the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks for replying.

  1. There are too many files, which one to download?
  2. Also the dashboard in website telling that Cubase AI version 8, while the dashboard in the download assistant showing version 11, so which one to use?

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Download all files under the My Product Downloads, please. I.e. everything from Cubase AI 11 and WaveLab Cast folders.

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Is it possible to use an activate the same software on my desktop and my laptop at the same time?


You would need the USB-eLicenser or Cubase 12, which is using the new Steinberg licensing system.

If I do not have any of them, what shall I do?

Sorry for bothering you but something happened and I do not understand it.
I did followed your instructions and activated the Cubase LE AI Elements 11 correctly.
Now the page of my products on the website does not includes the Cubase LE AI Elements at all .
And only the WaveLab Cast OEM only exists in that page.
So what did I did wrong?
And if I reinstalled windows operating system, how to get the codes once again?
I mean both 1)Download Access Code. and 2)Activation Code.
And if I do not have this usb activator stick how to deactivate the software from my laptop and activate it in my main desktop?


In this case, go thru the Reactivation progress, please.

Can you see the license in the eLCC application, please?

You can either buy the USB-eLicenser or the update to the latest Cubase 12. Actually you should get Cubase AI 12 for free, is this was your very first activation of the license.

Be aware, WaveLab doesn’t use the new Steinberg licensing system (yet?). So if you want to use WaveLab at multiple computers, you have to buy the USB-eLicenser.

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WaveLab 11.1 is transitioning to Steinberg Licensing. New WaveLab 11.1 licences are being issued on Steinberg Licensing. A mechanism to migrate existing WaveLab 11 licences to Steinberg Licensing will become available shortly.

It appears the same transition to Steinberg Licensing will apply to WaveLab Cast 1.2, though it is not entirely clear from the announcement.


Thanks for your valuable time replying and helping me.

Please, may you tell me more about it as I do not know about it, and I did checked the software menu but did not found any thing about or titled reactivation.

This is what I’ve and I just did removed the serial from the image that was next to Soft-eLicenser(SeL). So does this serial mean anything or should be used with anything related to reactivation?

Honestly I do not have any extra money left after buying the Yamaha AG06.

You mean I can use the latest Cubase AI 12 for free?
You mean this software here:

I am afraid that I do not follow about the license system.
Also regarding the WaveLabCast OEM, is it like Cubase AI or it is something different?
And the Yamaha AG06 has some software in thier website, is it the same as the ones here or different.

Thanks for your valuable time replying and helping me.
Please, I reread your reply several time and because of being new to this orld I was not able to understand it, so please may you excuse my ignorance and explain it if possible, please.

Regarding the software here:

What are all these software, are they add-on or seperated software or what?

Note: Please I hope you do be patient and clear things as I am really new to this world and keep rereading a lot of things to understand.

I did tried to download and install and activate version 12 but it says no license found. So I did uninstalled version 11, then tried once again to activate version 12 but still get the same error that no license found, so did I get or did something wrong? I hope to upgrade to latest version ofcourse but do not know how.

Note: When may I include links or media in my posts to avoid spaming the forum and thread with several posts for the same thread? Please accept my apology for posting several posts, as I did remove links as well.


To use your licences on multiple computers, you need to use Steinberg Licensing. Steinberg has announced they are soon going to be allowing WaveLab 11 licence holders to move their licence to Steinberg Licensing. It looks as if this might also apply to WaveLab Cast. We will have to wait to see what is launched.

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All the recommended and optional sections are instruments and content packs. They are worth downloading and exploring in my opinion. Much of the content requires HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE, so install those first.

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Unless you are fortunate enough to have received a Download Access Code for Cubase AI 12 in your e-mail, it seems that you might have to wait a bit longer. I expect the self-service system to move your licence Cubase AI 12 to launch in the next few weeks.

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