Cubase AI 8 Will Not Open

For no reason in the middle of my work my Windows 10 computer decided on its own to install updates and reboot (I was using Cubase AI 8 perfectly fine until the moment of reboot).
Since then (last night) Cubase AI 8.0.40 64-bit (March 24th, 2016) will not run.

First, the eLicenser failed to verify and I had to repair it.
Now Cubase AI 8 starts but never gets past “Initializing: Video File Handler.” When it gets there it launches the Windows Installer. That’s all. A whole day later I am still waiting for it to do whatever it is trying to do.

I have uninstalled Cubase AI 8, reinstalled, updated, rebooted, etc.
It simply can’t run anymore, and why is it even trying to install a video file handler anyway? I don’t need that crap.

Can I get past this quickly? I am falling behind on my project because of this idiotic nonsense.

L. Spiro

Hi and welcome,

Start eLCC application as administrator and start Maintenance.

Then install the very latest Quick Time Player update.

Then your Cubase should start.