Cubase AI 9.5.10 - Is this a known bug/issue? Metronome doesnt work when you Create Empty project

I have been having problems with the metronome where if I chose “Create Empty” from Hub. The metronome
doesn’t work everything else does. I don’t seem to have this problem when I select from the template project.

is there any other settings to configure other than what is in Metronome Setup dialogbox? or is this a known bug?



In the Audio Connections > Outputs, add one more Stereo Out. Then open Metronome Setup. An arrow appears here and you can select, where should be the Metronome routed to. Select the first (original) output (Stereo Out). Then you can remove the additional Stereo Out 2.

Btw, I would recommend to update to Cubase 9.5.20.

Thanks Martin that worked…

Do you always need to setup a Stereo Out for the metronome? or just when you “Create Empty” as the templates seem to just have a stereo Mix 1-2 and possibly a stereo FX Out. The later I was led to believe allows you to access the built in reverb in the UR unit.

I’m downloading the 9.5.20 update now.

I see you can also assign the metronome in the click column of the Audio Connections>Output


This column in Audio Connections > Outputs shouldn’t be visible since Cubase 9.5. But there is a bug, in some cases, it is still visible.

You don’t have to always create a new output bus, when you create an Empty Project. You have to do it only in case the Metronome is not assigned to the Stereo Out. It should be, by default, but there is a bug which causes the click is sometimes assigned to the non-existing output bus. Once you sign to the existing one, it shouldn’t happen anymore until the time you assign the click to other than Stereo Out bus by yourself.

ok thanks looking forward to the fix, as it does seem like a lot of hassle just to get a click track… although it would be nice to have better sounds too than some old 1980’s drum machine.