Cubase AI 9.5.40 on mac detects my ur22 but only PARTIALLY detects my gaia SH-01.

I am on a mac, with cubase ai 9.5.40 update, ur22mkii audio interface, and a roland gaia sh-01 synth which has a 44 khz stereo audio interface onboard, which is fully functional in garage band, but is not detected at least not that I can get to appear in the Studio > Audio Connections window.

The audio interface does appear in the Mac audio midi hardware setup app ( Audio Midi Setup) and the audio interface works fine with every other piece of audio software I have, it just doesn’t seem to be detected by AI. Let’s leave room there for more bogus low end monikers, shall we?

Is there something you have to do AFTER installing the right ASIO drivers, and BEFORE going to Studio > Audio Connections to get the audio devices to be mappeable to channels?

Here’s the audio device list visible in the Studio Audio Connections window:
audio device list.png
Here’s where it does appear, in the VST engine selection:
vst can select gaia sh-01 audio interface.png
What I do want is to have four simultaneous record channels on Cubase. Is that a limitation of cubase AI that I can’t have both my audio interfaces mapped at once?

Warren Postma


There are no other steps needed. You should see the device, once it’s installed. I can see SH-01 on the screenshot.

But you can’t use 2 Audio Devices at the same time. So you can’t combine UR22MKII and SH-01. A workaround would be to use an Aggregate Device on macOS. This is a virtual driver, where you can combine several Audio Device. But it’s not officially supported by Cubase (actually by any DAW). There might by a sync issue.