Cubase AI 9.5.50 Creates high pitch whineing noise from PC screen monitor

:question: Hello,
I have installed Cubase AI 9.5 and also updated to 9.5.50
My pc sodtware and drivers are all up to date.

Everytime i start cubase AI I get a high pitched whinining squirling sound from my pc monitor screen, an only when i start cubse AI?
I also tried moving my monitor screen away from equipment and cables as its on a pivot arm moung, but i get this noise.
The noise is low volume but high pitched only with cubase AI?


What Audio Device (ASIO driver) do you use?

I use Steinbger UR22 and the ASIO Steinberg driver for this product - Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.3 for Windows


Isn’t the graphic card close to the USB port? Could you try different USB port, please?

i use the motherbouard inbuilt graphics port i have tried a difrent usb ports on gthe mother baord ans pc case and still the sound occurs. As mentined before this only occurs with 64bit cubase AI but not 32bit cubase or nudendo which i have tried.
I have a feeling it has somthng to do with cubase AI software as all oher 64bit software i have has no issues


Is your Nuendo 32- or 64-bit?

IHi, managed to reslove it, as suspected it was cubase AI 9.5 as soon as I upgraded to AI 10.5 it solved gthe problem.