cubase AI 9.5 doesnt start

when i open the program, makes me choose between the yamaha or the basic lag option. once I choose the yamaha, comes the windows installer and the Cubase icon stops at RETROSPECTIVE RECORDER. The Windows installer never finishes and im stuck there. Any ideas how to work it out?

Im at a windows 10.

just sent a print of the issue.


Do you have NVIDIA graphic card or chip? If yes, search the forum for a solution, please.

Do you have any older Cubase installed in the system?

Did it start in the past?

So you have the latest Audio Device driver installed? Are your plug-ins up to date?

I upgraded Cubase elements 8. to 9.5. In mac it started well. In windows 10 didn´t started at all. It searches Initialaizing VST 2.x plugins for ever? How to repair that?


Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Do you have NVIDIA graphics card?

9.5 hasnt started at all, but old elements 8 works! How is that possible? 8 is better than 9.5. I wont buy 10. Im affraid of probs with that also. Thx anyway!


Cubase 9.5 is using different GUI drawing system. Might be, your graphic card driver is not compatible with this system properly. Try to update the graphic card driver or use an older driver.

You can find your exact graphic card model and search here on the forum. Maybe you will find some tips what driver version is the best.