Cubase AI 9.5 fails to install

I bought the UR22C and got a Cubase AI license. The Cubase AI installer (downloaded with the Download Assistant) just quits after the option prompt, regardless of the choice I make.
Win 10 Pro 64bit, 16GB RAM
eLicenser version
I have activated both the Basic FX Suite and Cubase AI in eLicenser.

hi Juuso - welcome to the forum

That does seem a little odd - it’s definitely nothing to do with your licences or elicencer as it doesn’t check that until you run Cubase AI

Have you tried rebooting and running the install as Administrator or in compatibility mode ?

Thank you for the reply!

Yes, I’d already tried those methods without succeeding; the installer (Setup.exe) always quits without giving an error code.

Then I managed to install Cubase by manually running Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_95.msi from the “Cubase LE AI Elements for Windows” subfolder where the installation package had extracted the files. Cubase opens ok, but I haven’t tested its functionality yet.

I have 2 further questions.

  1. Is the one mentioned above the only package I have to install (ie. does running this file also install the other ones in the same folder)? Or do I also need to install the other packages:
    HALionSonicSE.msi, LibraryManager.msi, and Register_HALion_Content.msi
    At least I know that Steinberg Library Manager is installed and I can run it, though there’s nothing to see there (no libraries found). (I don’t even know the purpose of this software yet.)

  2. Unfortunately, I now have the same problem with updating the installation into the current version which I have downloaded from your website. The update file: “Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_9.5.50_Update_win.” crashes after purportedly extracting the installation files to a temporary folder and starting the actual installation process. Locating the temp folder and manually restarting the setup.exe from there gives the exact same result. The furthest I’ve managed to get is the EULA agreement prompt.

“Steinberg Installation Updater.exe” (found in “Cubase LE AI Elements for Windows” subfolder) crashes even earlier in the process.

Thus the problem seems to be the Steinberg installer. Is there a similar manual installation option available for the update?

EDIT: Just found out I accidentally installed an old version, going to try to install AI 10.5.

I would call Steinberg’s U.S. Support line .
They are sometimes very good and they will usually escalate if they don’t have a solution.