Cubase Ai 9.5 is recording every sound from the PC

Hi !

I need your help ! I opened Cubase AI 9.5 today and it is now recording every sound/music that is playing on my computer instead of just the inputs selected on the tracks. So, using plugins quickly turns into a huge feedback. I’m recording electric guitar and even the click is distorted when my amp plugin is on. I haven’t change a thing since the last time I used Cubase. Is there a thing i’m missing here?

I use a UR22 MKII if that can help.
If someone can help me, I would really appreciate it because i’m getting a bit desperate here… :blush:

Thank you

Edit: I really think the issue might be the UR22 because I used my Eleven Rack and Cubase is only recording my guitar. Any idea?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Loopback is not enabled in your UR22mkII Control Panel.

I’ll check that tonight. Thank you Martin