Cubase Ai 9.5 + Yamaha MODX Midi problem

Hi all.
I’m having hard time to make my Yamaha MODX8 to record a midi track in Cubase.
No problem with Logic, Live, Garageband. Just in Cubase
-I have installed Cubase AI 9.5.4 ( OSX Mojave )
-I have installed the Steinberg Yamaha Driver ( latest version )
-MODX is in the latest firmware
-If i open a sample project and i hit play i have a properly sounding situation. Sound is routed through MODX operating as an audio interface
-MODX is connected to my MacBookPro through USB only
-I can see activity while playing notes from my keyboard at the lower right side of the transpose bar in cubase but absolutely no activity in the Midi Track row indicator.
-Tried track monitor on/off
-Same behaviour for all VST’s
-Local Control on MODX is off

Any help appreciated. I hope for your help.

Hi and welcome,

Can you see the MODX as an MIDI Input port in Cubase?