Cubase AI 9 buttons lost under screen

Win 10. Cub AI 9.

When I open Export-Audio Mixdown window
The buttons on the bottom of the window is lost under the screen.
It isn´t possible to make the window smaller either to get access to it.
I have tried with different screen resolution - no result.
Also in Halion Sonic SE a little of the screen keyboard is lost under the screen.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your resolition is at least the recommended one. If you have any smaller one, some objects (buttons) could hide.

Also, can’t you just left click/hold the top of the “Export” or “Halion” screen and drag it to an appropriate place to be able to see the whole screen?

Regards :sunglasses:

The solution was to set the res. in win 10 lower than 1080, don’t remember which. Think it was 1024. Then the resolution in Cub actually got higher. Weird. Then I could see the entire windows. The text is a little small now
for the small laptop screen though.