Cubase AI 9 ideas at first glance for Team

Wanted to share a few first load ideas and suggestions:

-There are no exciting demo songs to load when opening up Cubase AI for first time (Hub option missing).
I think this is a valuable miss both for reference, and immediate first impression while in “excitement” stage of loading Cubase up for first time! I’ve found in other daws that demos are not only immediate gratification before diving in to the learning curve, but also serve as a reference to see how things are connected or work (settings) and such.

-More AI (or certified to be applicable to) start up videos needed. Pretty much only the 6 Steinberg ones on YouTube overall!

-Needs to be a dedicated Virtual Keyboard controller key to open up quick window for vst instrument control. Mine is in menu only and doesn’t work (opens floating transport instead).

-Yes, I’m new to Cubase again (tried a few times in past that didn’t work out so well for me), but without virtual keyboard option for GA drum pattern recording as mentioned above, I am still not able to figure out how to get armed track to record from GA instrument edit window pad hits. It registers the sound, shows on all meters, but not able to record the performance. Again, new to Cubase, but not to other workflows in various other daws. Shouldn’t be so hard to figure out. Even if its me not knowing, I think some focus on developing a clear option to use edit window triggers with mouse should be possibly revamped. Make things a little easier for the noob to Cubase, avoiding immediate road blocks is key imo.

-With all that said, I have to say that v9 looks and feels great! Even as a Cubase noob I notice a big difference between my past first impressions and v9 being much more globally attractive and feature rich in usable and friendly ways. Sure I’ve also learned more since away, that helps too, but in general, first impression besides road blocks above so far, is a great improvement, to me at least!

Cheers and thanks for listening and your consideration of my experience so far :slight_smile:
Hope this is helpful to the Team somehow.

Update: found out the virtual keyboard issue is indeed a bug! Can access it via the floating transport view options by right clicking on the transport itself, and checking the virtual keyboard option!

I did find some demo songs by accident while looking at version download pages and they are there at bottom for various versions of Cubase. I still think it would be a great idea to have a few load on Hub page at install, and a specific tab for more would be great also.

Have also found lots more video and tutorials since this post, but again, still think it would be great to have lots more official Steinberg ones added to the Hub and version specific or applicable ones made more avail to end user. Easier is better.

My own update, loving AI 9 enough to reload my Artist 8.5, and bought Halion Symphonic Orchestra to sweeten the experience and possibilities. Now considering upgrading to Artist 9 for a few additional features eventually.