Cubase AI 9 upgrade and activation issue

I have used Cubase 9 AI/LE Elements for several years, and just this year I decided to upgrade to Cubase 12 Elements. I bought the AI/LE upgrade. It got stuck in the activation process on the e-licenser. Found out this was the wrong software to use. Bought Cubase 12 Elements and was able to activate almost without issue. I have run the maintenance on the e-licenser several times to get the AI/LE activation deactivated. E-licenser says it is fixed, but it is still listed as activation pending on my profile. I no longer own that version
(did get my money back), and would like to get it deleted from my profile. Do I need to submit a ticket?

Your post is a little unclear. Are you trying to use Cubase Elements 12? What did you get a refund for? Can you take a screenshot of your Steinberg Activation Manager, the eLicenser Control Center, and your My Products page, with the serial numbers hidden?

For the verification process to go through, you must have the correct license from a previous version of Cubase stored in your hard drive or USB-eLicenser. This previous license will show up in the eLicenser Control Center.

According to your profile, you were using Cubase Elements 9.5 previously. If you purchased the upgrade from AI/LE, that’s the wrong upgrade and it wont work.

I bought the Cubase AI/LE 12 Elements first. Tried to activate it through the E-licenser. It would not work. I got the refund on it. Bought Cubase 12 Elements, installed it and it is activated. My profile shows that the Cubase AI/LE is verification pending and it is expired. I would like to get the Cubase AI/LE version removed. I never installed it. It is stuck in verification.