cubase AI activation failed

I friends

I bought the UR22 mkII usb audiocard the february 18.
The OS is windows 10 pro 64bits

Installation was not easy with Cubase AI.

The message i got was in french " le soft elicenser enregistre sur cet ordinateur ne semble pas avoir ete cree sur cet ordinateur"

I read what to do on your forum and the second time was ok.

I got the key code.

I have traveled all march month long.

The april 4, cubase AI asked an activation code. I gave the activation code in the dedicated field. Impossible to reactivate cubase AI.

Again the forum, all uninstallation was done.

I reinstall in administrator mode.

Impossible to activate Cubase AI and the elicenser soft doesn’t validate the activation.

After 4 trys, i don’t know what to do

Help, help, help

Windows 10 is legal and i have the code
I have the elicenser code
I have the cubase AI code
I have the bill
this software is installed on one computer

Before to upgrade.



What do you mean by “impossible to reactivate Cubase”? What was the message, after you enter the Activation Code, please?

Thank you to help me.
Please, read the following lines. I suppose that this sofware does not need an usb key. I read nothing about that
I launch the sofware, a window asks the key code

the key code is entered without mistake

the message after failure is "the recorded soft-eLicenser registered in this computer seems to not be created in this computer ( the original message is in french)



Right, you don’t need USB-eLicenser.

I see. This is an known installation issue. Read this article, please.

Thank you Martin

it’s ok now.

i hope that this solution lasts a while


Please, you can close this topic