Cubase AI basic architecture

Is the free software that comes with the Steinberg UR22C (Cubase AI) similar to the more advanced versions? I understand it has less features, but generally speaking it’s the same architecture and GUI?

In other words, when AI opens you see “The Hub”. Adding tracks, studio connections, other functions, etc. work the same way as my C.B. Artist?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. It is effectively the same but with fewer options. The most important difference I noticed when I began with Cubase AI was the channel strip. It only has 3 of the 5 modules that elements/artist/pro if I recall correctly.
But you can expect the exact same workflow from opening cubase, creating a project, tracking to audio mixdown.

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Bison204: I appreciate the input. An out-of-state friend of mine will begin using it as soon as she can figure out how to jump thru all the hoops to not only register her new UR22C interface but also download Cubase AI.

If I’m right, she needs to create a new “My Steinberg” account, register her hardware, then probably jump thru another hoop or 2 to finally download CB AI.

Thanks again!

Yes but to find out more look at this page which compares versions.

I’m familiar with the different versions. Not sure what version of AI she’ll wind up with. Her needs are minimal on a per-project basis. Past projects (similar DAW) included importing stereo tracks, singing lead, maybe a harmony or 2, minimal reverb, mix. Sad part was her entire system took a dump many years ago. Decided to start over with all new, including a PC.

Odds are the basic channel strip will be sufficient.