Cubase AI beside Cubase full?

Sorry I searched with no result, so I apologise if it has been discussed earlier.

I have a MacBook With the full version of Cubase installed.

I travel a lot, and sometimes I forget the USB License key.

I bought several CMC controller, so I have several Cubase AI licenses.

Can I install Cubase AI on the same MacBook without disturbing the Full installation of Cubase, so I can use the AI version in case of emergency?

Thanks for taking time for my very little question.


Not sure if this applies to a Mac, but I have a full WL6, C4 & LE7 license on my dongle.

They all were installed in their own separate folders and weren’t disturbed at all as far as I can tell.

As for Cubase AI, I’m not sure if you can even have different licenses of the same program but that’s a different question I guess.

If you haven’t transferred the SEL license to the dongle, then it should be able to run without a dongle.

Hello Andy,

Yes, you can have AI and full version installed on the same computer without issues. Full license on a dongle and AI license as a software version works great.
If you have a spare AI 7 license I would be very happy if you could donate it for my studio Mac. :smiley:
I too have sometimes trouble remembering to take the dongle with me, so an AI installation as a backup would be very useful.

Shout out also to anyone else who has so many AI 7 licenses they don’t know what to do with them. Now you know. :slight_smile:

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