Cubase AI crashes at opening every time (using UR44) on Macbook Pro

Every time I try to open Cubase AI, it crashes. First a screen comes up that says, “Cubase LE AI Elements has detected that new audio drivers are available on your computer. Please select the audio driver for the audio hardware that you want to use with Cubase LE AI Elements”, with two options: Built-in Audio, and Steinberg UR44. When I select Steinberg UR44, Cubase launches and the main screen pops up for a couple of seconds then disappears to be replaced with a big Cubase LE AI Elements quit unexpectedly screen which I’ve attached a screenshot of.

Any advice will be very welcome and appreciated!


Download and install the very latest UR44 driver for Mac, please.


Is there any solution for this? Reinstalling drivers does not seem to solve this problem. I will promptly be returning the UR44 if there is no solution to use it with Cubase AI on Mac. All updates for everything has been performed and also crashes on startup when choosing the ASIO driver for me.

Make sure that you have the latest firmware (bottom of the page) and TOOLS for your UR44:

Then install latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver:

If this doesn’t help, please contact support. The most recent versions of mac OS X are fully supported, and your interface is supposed to work without issues.