Cubase AI Does Not Recognise Soundcard

hi there!,
I’m new to recording with this software and was wanting to know how within Cubase AI can I convince my program that my default speakers using “realtek” are able to be recognised. My Cubase records the vocal okay but there is no sound coming through the speakers… and ive gone through the programs VST audio systems and “Realtek” isint an option and only offers me the choice of “generic low latency ASIO” driver or “Yamaha Steinberg USB Audio” as my only 2.

what can I do?

Hi and welcome,

It seams, you are using some of Steinberg or Yamaha hardware as an Input Device, right? I. This case, use the same Device also as an output Device. You cannot use one Device as an Input and another Device as an output, if the driver doesn’t Support multi-client ASIO (what is not the case of Yamaha Steinberg USB Audio driver.