Cubase AI Download Issue

I have just bought a Yamaha product, registered with Steinberg, clicked on the download button for Cubase AI and get a Steinberg Installer in which it appears I then have to select the software from a long list of products. So far, so complicated!

But my issue is that when I eventually find the Cubase AI download it tells me it is 15 gigabytes. As I am on a data plan (due to my rural location and mobile internet connection) and 15GB represents nearly half my monthly allowance so I really don’t want to spend it (and potentially waste it if there are activation problems which I see elsewhere on this forum) downloading a single piece of software.

I am not sure if the size of the download is due to the installer somehow bloating it but I am wondering if there is some other way of getting this software or maybe some sort of direct download that uses a more reasonable chunk of my data allowance.

Thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome,

You can activate your Cubase beforehand. Just make sure you get an Activation Code from your Download Access Code. Then download eLicenser Control Center application and install it. Most probably Soft-eLicenser Number will not be created because no Cubase will be found while installing eLCC application. Then download eLicenser helper and install it to create a Soft-eLicenser Number. Then you can activate your Cubase AI, to make sure the license is working to you.

Unfortunately there is no smaller installer file available. The size is like this because of all sound libraries and all virtual instruments included.

Hi, I have an issue to instal my Cubase AI. It said that made a fail when I select the download button in Steinberg assistance download.

It also said that a sould contact a re-seller to know how to create a soft-e licenser on your système

Hi and welcome,

Could you please post the exact message you can see?

This article could help.