Hello everyone I’m new. I just wanted to know, since i’ve just bought an amazing ur22 with ai download version, if i can transfer my license to another computer (i didn’t activated it yet, carefull is the best thing). Because i’m selling my pc soon and buy another one but i wanted to star using cubase immediatly!
Can you help me?? Thank you!!

Sure, not a problem. You will just need to do a software “re-activation” through your MySteinberg account after switching to the new computer.

I’m also a newbie, with a variation on this issue.

How do I re-activate a software license, if it doesn’t show up under my account?

I successfully registered my UR44 and obtained an e-license on my old MacBook. However, I got stalled when I realized that version 2.0 of the Basic FX package will only work under a newer operating system, so I didn’t go any further.

Today, I got everything set up on a newer MacBook Pro, running Mountain Lion. My problem is that when I went to move the license over to the new computer, seemed to have lost track of me.

I had to create a new user account. The UR44 and Cubase AI are now registered under that account, but the existing e-license for the Basic FX package isn’t displaying as part of my account.

When I compare the e-license control screens on the two computers, the old one shows a completely different ID number. I seem to have created two independent, unrelated e-licensers with half of my product on one, and half on the other.

It kind of looks like I need to merge these two accounts together.