Cubase AI Elements can't record stereo input at same time?

Tried many times to record stereo inputs from Steinberg UR22markII Input 1/Input 2 at same time, but failed miserably. Issue was the parallel channells always have exactely the same sound, no matter I speak to left/right side microphones as Mic/Line #1 and #2. Although I can see two red Peak leds blinking respectly to where I seak to, left or right. But when the signal come to the USB cable and to my PC, they just merge togather, becoming the same thing.

Noticed someone said that, only the Artist/Pro edition of Cubase can record stereo, not AI Element, is that true?

there is no information on the Steinberg site to confirm that you can’t record in stereo

Compare the versions of Cubase | Steinberg

Did you remember to setup your input bus in cubase to Stereo with correct channels? (Press F4 and check inputs)

also you can check your UR app/control panel - from the month I had a UR-c 22 I think I remember you can set the inputs to dual mono or stereo recording

Thank you for replying. Yes, I did set channels of Stereo or Monos as a screenshot in the link.

BTW, How to share a picture in the forum? It’s not allowed to include a link.

That could be a wrong routing setup

Thank you @ glennloopez and @ st10ss. I accidentally find a way to start stereo recording: go to Steinberg Hub => choose Recording & Acoustic Guitar + Vocal (or others) => an project created with two initiated tracks (Acoustic Guitar + Vocals). Inside that project, I can record left & right input simutanulsly into two mono tracks seperatedly. Than I can pan one to left, the other to right, merge them into Output as a single track with left+right channell.

Though I still need to figure out how to do that without starting from there.

Read the manual

What exactly are you trying to record? A true stereo signal, as in a left and right input from a single external source, or two separate mono sources? You need to clarify what it is you are trying to accomplish. Two inputs to one track, or two inputs to individual tracks, or … ?